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Are you interested in using hair tissue mineral analysis in your nutrition practice? Wish there was a comprehensive course that could take you through what you need to understand, and give you practical help on guiding your clients on a balancing program?

That’s what we wanted when we started learning hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA). We looked high and low, but the class didn’t exist. Instead, we read and read and started building resources and tools as we’ve helped our clients. Now we’ve compiled them into a comprehensive program to help you learn how to use the HTMA.

What if we told you that you can gain an in-depth picture into your client’s overall health with this simple non-invasive test that very few other tests can offer?

Better yet that you could know exactly what supplements your clients needed with confidence as well as be able to explain to them why they feel the way they do.

Are you tired of ‘guessing’ on how to support your clients? Or do you struggle with client compliance? Maybe you can’t get the bottom of their low energy levels or anxiety and are ready to dig deeper?

This mineral balancing course will improve your practice and help you attract more clients and make more money.

I enrolled in this course last fall because I wanted to add a lab test to my practice that would allow me to better assess the nutrient needs of my clients. For me, the Functional Evaluation was time consuming/exhausting and I was rarely able to get the LNT numbers low enough to feel confident in my recommendations. I wanted to specialize in adrenal fatigue and felt the addition of the HTMA would help me to find-tune my protocols.

An additional bonus of the mineral balancing course is that it provides training on daily detox strategies to address heavy metals. Until I took the course, I was not 100% sure when & how to address daily detox with clients, other than supporting elimination pathways. Now I can determine when my clients need specific lifestyle strategies to support their liver, lymph and elimination pathways.

I already knew HTMA worked because I had done my own HTMA and mineral balancing prior to taking this course. For my own health, the HTMA was a game changer: it helped me to speed up my metabolism, lose weight and regain stable energy (and libido!). I wanted my clients to experience the same results!

Adding HTMA has improved my practice and the health of my clients - and they are spreading the word! Just this week, 5 new clients contacted me to schedule an HTMA package. So, keep in mind that while the price of this program may seem high, you will be able to earn back your investment quickly with this service. My clients see the value and are willing to pay, yours will too. ~ Elissa Borges, NTP

With the  Holistic Mineral Balancing program you get:

  • System for understanding how to use HTMA testing
  • Done-for-you templates and handouts for use in your practice
  • How to use food and supplements synergistically in a healing program (something no one else is teaching)
  • Ready made meal plans and recipes
  • Confidence in supplement recommendations
  • 6 months of mentorship in our private Facebook group
  • 13 lessons of pre-recorded content covering the main topics required for mastery of HTMA
  • Monthly live Q&A calls

This client’s calcium was 10X the ideal level, in just 6 months following her protocol her calcium level dropped nearly 75% and she saw great improvements in her health. She writes:

The reason I chose to do the HTMA in the first place was because I had a bad pain in my abdomen for a long time. I had done EVERYTHING I could and no one could help me. I saw lots of various doctors/practitioners and no one knew how to help me. It was a huge mental stress for me that was exhausting because the pain was constantly there nagging at me, and I wondered if I was dying of cancer — it was so annoying and constant that I couldn’t think of anything else. Thankfully, the pain went completely away after 6 weeks on my protocol and has not come back since. The emotional relief and stress of it alone was like getting my life back and you can’t put a price on that. Another perk was that my PMS and cycle got better. I used to have periods that were super heavy —the first day was so bad I could not even leave my house and the cramping was debilitating. It was so bad for years that I wanted to get a hysterectomy (but didn’t), and my doctor’s only solution was to put me on birth control, which I was adamantly against. The good news is — I have no more cramping, my emotions are better and my cycle is in much better control. I can now lead a normal life, even during my period. PMS is also WAY better.

HTMA is rising in popularity now because of it’s accuracy and ability to prevent illness. When a properly performed hair test you can explain so much about a person’s health picture that they will think you have a crystal ball. It’s that powerful and useful. Just digging in to the heavy metal piece of the health puzzle alone is why it’s worth learning how to use and interpret a hair tissue mineral analysis. We ALL have heavy metal toxicity today — no one escapes it, so we as holistic health practitioners might as well learn how to help our clients in light of this unfortunate reality. It can hold our health back in so many ways and diet alone will never deal with it sufficiently.

The HTMA gives both the practitioner and client a profound clarity that is clearly needed to gain momentum and move beyond the basics.

I always felt that mineral sufficiency was the one foundation that was a bit of a black box - I did not feel that I had a good way to really know what was going on with this important foundation.

The knowledge from this program gives me more confidence in working with my clients. Clients really appreciate that I am adding this information into our work and see and feel the value it brings. For my own health, HTMA has spotlighted some of my own imbalances and allowed me to work to improve them. I can feel the improvement in my own health, with more energy, a stronger immune system, and a better capacity for stress.

I know that every new piece of knowledge I gain in improving as a practitioner transforms my practice, and this is no different. There is a clear before and after and no way to imagine that you would continue working in the old way. HMB is like that. I cannot imagine not having this tool in my toolkit. I will use it with every client I work with, for years to come. There are not many practitioners who really understand this material; this sets HMB practitioners apart from the crowd. I also feel great knowing I am addressing deep seated issues with each client (and myself) that could hold up other work we are doing if not addressed. I am grateful to have had access to this training and I can highly recommend it from both personal and professional experience. ~Andrea Walker, NTP

The Holistic Mineral Balancing Training covers the following:


  • Introduction to HTMA
  • Understanding the lab testing options Analytic Research Lab, Trace Elements Lab, Doctors Data
  • Minerals: It’s all about ratios
  • Successful sample collection
  • Identifying oxidative types
  • Working with a Slow Oxidizer
  • Working with a Fast Oxidizer


  • Toxic metals, identification and release
  • Aluminum, mercury, arsenic
  • Successful metal detox — a whole person approach
  • Copper Dysregulation, how to spot it, what to do about it


  • HTMA and Digestion
  • Food as medicine, it’s not just about supplements
  • Mixed oxidation types
  • How to support inversions and what they mean
  • Thyroid and Adrenals: the HTMA is the rest of the story


  • Writing Protocols
  • Using lifestyle, diet and supplements
  • How to structure your work with clients
  • Retesting, what they tell you, when to make adjustments
  • Pricing and positioning
  • Marketing and selling the HTMA


  • Access to an Exclusive Private Facebook Group Forum to experience community, accountability, encouragement that will help you keep the momentum and take the actions necessary to get the best results from this training experience.
  • PLUS, you will have ongoing access to all course materials to ensure you have support as you continue to implement all that you have learned!
  • 24 hours of CEU credits are available to those who complete the course and pass the final exam.

Is Holistic Mineral Balancing Right for You?

  • You’ll need to spend approximately 4–6 hours a month going over the recorded materials
  • You will want to be on the live Q&A calls if at all possible. These calls run January through November.
  • This course is self-paced and the course material is comprised of online videos, .pdf materials and monthly live Q&A calls which are recorded so you can listen again.
  • You will absolutely need to run a HTMA on yourself right away, and we highly suggest running one on a family member or client who is very compliant and motivated. You will also need to run a retest on yourself after 3 months and on your other client/family member as well if at all possible. Testing and retesting yourself is required for the course. You will be responsible for the cost of all testing.
  • The investment for the class is $1,497.*   You should be able to recoup this before the class is over by working with 8–10 clients on a HTMA and retest. You will be equipped to start a client on their basic protocol by the end of the first month (about how long it would take to get them a kit and get their test results back).

* If paying via PayPal you can choose the Bill Me Later option which allows you to pay over 6 months interest free.

Here’s To More Success In Your Holistic Practice,
Lydia Shatney & Jessica Bischof

Lydia Shatney, NTP

Lydia is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, through the Nutritional Therapy Association. For over two decades she has explored varied diets and healing modalities, ranging from raw foodism, vegetarianism to the principles founded by Weston A. Price. Her interest in health and nutrition stemmed from an innate calling she simply could not ignore and to brings to life the mantra; ‘Healer, first heal thyself’.

She has learned that you can reverse many health maladies by simply consuming real nutrient dense foods, avoiding processed cheap foods as well as balancing your body’s biochemistry through hair tissue mineral analysis. Thus discovering that the saying holds true, ‘You are what you eat!’

In an effort to more deeply support clients on their health path she chose to offer hair tissue mineral analysis as an excellent way to get a baseline on health issues, mineral imbalances and possible toxic metals in the body. This test allows her to create specific plans for clients based on their unique biochemistry and begin to move them out of disease states and into improved health.

Jessica Bischof, NTC, RWP

Jessica is a Certified Nutritional Therapy Consultant (NTC) through the Nutritional Therapy Association in Olympia, Washington and a Restorative Wellness Practitioner (RWP) through Restorative Wellness Solutions. Jessica has studied functional blood chemistry analysis, underlying drivers and healing for gut issues, male and female hormone imbalance, advanced thyroid healing solutions, comprehensive adrenal health restoration as well as completing practitioner training in methylation and using neutrogenomics to support health.

Jessica works with clients from all walks of life, who are interested in achieving higher levels of health by using customized nutrition strategies.

Jessica is a dedicated nutrition professional who works with clients nationally and internationally. She offers a wide spectrum of services for local and distance clientele.

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